Who’s the Designer? – Branding Intro

In yesterday’s session Theo, Jay and David introduced us to the module ‘Who’s The Designer?’ where they launched two projects ‘On Display’ and ‘100 marques’. Before we learnt more about these projects we have a presentation around the history of branding and the basics of branding. I learnt about brand value and brand personality which are some of the basics of branding. Majority of people initially think that a brand is just the visual identity, the logo. However, branding is some much more than just visually making it aesthetically pleasing. It’s about creating a visual language which communicates to the audience the brand values.

The diagram below shows how a brand is much more than the identity product and marketing and requires consideration of all the sub categories.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 08.16.07

As an example of brand values we discusses lip balms and how they each brand has different unique selling points, styles, colours, visual identity and different target audience. We also discussed the Easy jet brand and how in every experience you get with any of the services the brand offers the distinct orange colour is always present. The brand has branched out further now than just air travel, easy hotels, easy cruise etc.

We also discussed Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory and the link to how consumers build brands, and why considering the things people need is important. Keeping a consistent set of brand values is beneficial to the brand to keep people coming to back to the brand.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 08.16.19

We then had a task in groups to look at a brand that branches out into different service or products areas. My group looked at Co-op, who have branched out into food retail, funeral care, banking, pharmacy. However, even though all these areas are very different the branding is consistent across them the only distinction between the branches is colour. Also, the co-op logo is on all the touch points that the consumer can access.

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