Who’s the Designer – On Display Launch

As the first main project within level 5 we have been given a branding project. I personally am excited to explore as after completing the summer reading, I am keen to see how a brand can become something that determines the success of a company. Also, I look forward to exploring this as it is something I haven’t explored in much depth before now.

The brief is asking us to complete a six week project that allows us to investigate the brand in a board manner. We have been asked to brand an exhibition, while creating a strong conceptual understanding of the subject matter and visual language related to the chosen theme.

The themes are:

  • Artisan
  • Author(ship)
  • Beyond Boarders
  • Brutalist Architecture
  • Codification
  • Etymology
  • Glitch
  • Modify
  • Uniform
  • Widerife

To start of my journey into this project I have decided to look into each of these themes further then explore in depths the ones that I think I would like to create an exhibition for before I make a decision as to which theme I am going to do.


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