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Who’s the Designer? – 100 Marques

From the mind maps I quickly out together about me as a designer I was able to bring together a collection of words that I think describe me and my practice the best. I thought about what I like as well however, this has informed a few of the designs but I personally think these are weaker.

  • creative
  • imagination
  • organisation
  • friendly
  • approachable
  • honest
  • trusting
  • caring
  • personal
  • connective
  • engaging
  • passionate
  • sustainability (something I am interested in)

The list above are all things that I considered when designing the marques, the informed some of the shapes and imagery I have used. I tried to give each marque a different context but this was harder than I first thought, so I tried to develop each logo with one of the words in mind.

I started off with just using my black pen and using my initials as a base point. At the start I was focused on type, sustainability photography and so on, but as I started to get more into the marques I started thinking about symbolism. I researched into different types of symbols including ancient and more recently created symbols. I also experimented with colour and different media include paint, using string and cutting into the paper. The idea of cutting into the paper is came from the idea of being open with my work willing to show people.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 15.26.31
1 – 27


Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 15.26.20
28 – 50
Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 15.25.49
51 – 78
Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 15.26.07
79 – 100

Overall I think that this week project has made me realise how I can generate so many different ideas and not always just run with the first one that comes to mind. It has also shown me that I can do this in a short amount of time generating 20/25 ideas in a few hours. I have learnt that if I’m more experimental and not to precious with my designs then new ideas can be formed quickly from the designs. In future I think I will use the same process to develop idea quickly and effectively.


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