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Who’s the Designer – 100 Marques Reflection

In the presentation of this project today we laid out all our marques on the floor and completed a dot evaluation of the logo designs. I found the dot evaluation very useful as it showed which ideas stood out to majority of people in the group. It was interesting to see the variety of ideas that people had come up with, looking at the entire collection of logos on the floor it was clear that we had all initial started using our own initials but as the designs move forward new ideas start to emerge.

Everybody’s marques laid out on the floor together.
My 100 Marques after the dot evaluation

I was fortunate to receive some blue and orange dots in the evaluation which I was happy with as if I decide to develop one of these further I have a small range to work with. Overall I found the process useful and is something that I will 100% try and use again within my projects to help with ideation especially when it comes to logo and marques for branding.


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