On Display – Initial Ideas

To start off with I created some mind maps for the top 3 themes which I thought would be interesting to create a brand for an exhibition. These themes were Artisan, Beyond Boarders and Uniform, in these mind maps I thought about what the words meant and ideas that were both literal and none literal.



  • creative traditional
  • love spoons – welsh heritage
  • worker in a skilled trade especially one involves making things by hand.

Beyond Boarders


  • Dreams
  • personal boundaries – anxiety, emotional boundaries
  • boarders physical
  • Political Brexit etc
  • culture



  • Mass production
  • unchanging
  • remaining the same in all cases
  • distinctive clothing – literal sense of uniform
  • beyond the uniform – person wearing the uniform itself

I decided that I wanted to look further into Uniform, I felt that this would be give me an opportunity to explore something interesting something that I haven’t explored before. I went on to create a second mind map to expand on my ideas for uniform, in particular this idea of looking at the person in the uniform. From this I started to think about looking at psychological effects of uniform on both members of the public and those who wear it and this was the route that I have decided will be the basis for the exhibition.


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