On Display – Tutorial Feedback

For the group tutorial I created this mood-board to show my ideas and inspiration to the group easily. I was inspired by the photography of Devin Mitchell who’s work and others similar would be showcased within the exhibition, to highlight to story and importance of the issue. On the mood board I also showed colour scheme ideas, some logo marques and some ideas of printed outcomes.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 15.03.56
Initial Mood Board

From the tutorial I received the following feedback;

  • maybe consider making the exhibition an open air one.
  • Diverse change to different as diverse tends to correlate to idea of ethnic identity
  • liked the idea of the photography exhibition
  • The name very interesting play on words.
  • colour schemes need developing further, maybe consider one accent colour?
  • ID logos are the strongest and most eye catching ones develop these further.
  • consider what they would look like of different scales

This feedback will help me to develop my branding further, before Tuesday I need to move forward to try and create a strong brand identity to gain more feedback.

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