On Display – Further Reading

I wanted to get a better understanding about exhibition design and the role of the different elements with an exhibition. I found a book by Philip Hughes called exhibition design. This was a really insightful and useful book to get me thinking about what I needed to consider. As I was reading through the book I made notes on key points as I went through certain chapters reading.

  • Target Audience is one of the most important aspects when designing an exhibition, can be split into primary and secondary audience.
  • Tone of Voice – need to consider the impact it might have on people visiting the exhibition, for example a police officer might visit in spare time how would that make them feel?
  • Hughes states that “Exhibition designers are tasked with taking the brand out of the graphic realm and interpreting it as a series of spatial experiences” (2010, p.44)
  • Brand environment appeals to the viewer emotional senses.
  • In Chapter 6 Hughes talks about the role of graphics saying ” the graphics for an exhibition are an interpretation of its theme and storyline” (2010, p.102)
  • Graphics are a main way of communicating to visitors
  • Wayfinding is intended to entice the visitors but also have a practical purpose
  • Hughes describes exhibitions as being “like illustrated books” (2010, p.104) people don’t read in a linear fashion they skim through until their attention is caught.
  • Exhibitions thrive on publicity
  • All exhibitions graphics should carry a clear message throughout all medias.
  • consistency helps the viewer to establish the exhibition in their minds
  • consistency doesn’t mean dull.
  • “Where the graphic content overwhelms the subject of the exhibition or becomes noticeably divorced from the subject matter, the purpose of the exhibition is undermined” (Hughes, 2010, p.104)
  • Designing for readability and legibility is very important as this makes sure that compliments human nature.

Hughes, P. (2010) Exhibition Design. Laurence Kind Publishing.

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