On Display – Ideation for Deliverables

While developing the marque for the exhibition and throughout the research process different ideas about the deliverables for this project have emerged. I decided that I should create sketches of these ideas ready to discuss in my interim critique.


The range of ideas include:

  • Booklet – traditional booklet idea, using the iD marque on the front. Parts cut out to show different pages of the booklet
  • Booklet – Maybe a folding out booklet rather than traditional idea
  • Wayfinding using the marque maybe on the floor or using style of marque to create icons.
  • App to show people more depth about the work in the exhibition if they required
  • Promotional installation – large screen on the floor before getting to the exhibition space. When you look into the screen it shows you in uniform but when you look up again you realise that everybody is different you aren’t all identical. Large screen acting as a mirror.
  • Maybe using projection to show branding on areas near the exhibition
  • posters using black and white photography with hints of the accent colours, posters wouldn’t detract from exhibition work then.

These are just initial ideas which I hope to explore further in the project and hopefully I will receive some feedback on these ideas in the critique.

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