On Display – Interim Critique

Yesterday I had an interim critique with Theo, which allowed me to gain feedback on the progress that I had made so far. Currently I had only really developed the marque and name for the exhibition however, I also decided to show my ideas for other deliverables for the project at this stage.

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Overall I felt that the feedback that I had was good, with some really helpful ideas to develop the project further. In the presentation I spoke about how I thought that having the exhibition outside as a public exhibition was the best approach. For inspiration I looked at an exhibition by Tom Stoddart called Perspectives as I thought that by still having these blocks allow people to navigate around the space. My peers in the critique said that something like this would make them stop and have look through as it something unusual. I was thinking about placing this on the Hayes in Cardiff as this is a main route through the city, where many people in uniform would see it.

In terms of feedback I received was as followed:

  • Look further than just photography for in the exhibition itself, maybe consider using viral videos to also showcase this idea of different personality than the uniform creates. Nail down what’s going to be in the exhibition
  • Marque made sense and works, colour scheme works well to include all, while being enticing.
  • Consider using CAD skills to show exhibition space and how things would work including the promotional installation idea that used facial recognition and augmented reality technology.
  • Like the idea of using both mirrors and technology to include younger and older generations.
  • Try to start developing more of these ideas for the deliverables to show visual next time.

Using this feedback I can now start to really push this project forward in developing the deliverables. My next step now is to start looking at printed ephemera 8pp booklet and two different posters.

Grahame, J. (2012) Exhibitions Shots. [Online]. Available at: https://acurator.com/blog/2012/08/tom-stoddart-perspectives.html (Accessed: 14 October 2019)

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