Expansive Thinking Seminar

These were my notes that I made from the seminar this morning with Theo. I found it super helpful for my current project and for future projects. This is something that I definitely think I need to consider reading more about to help.

“Ideas are the most valuable thing in the world and are at the same time utterly disposable” (Humphries, 2015)

Can make it difficult when thinking about value, people will invest in ideas even though it cost nothing to create.

Divergence and Convergency.

Whatever you come up with first effects the direction of the rest of your project.

“A dominant influence is exerted by initial design ideas on subsequent problem solving directions…Even when serve problems are encoutered, a considerable effort is made to make the initial idea work, rather than to stand back and adopt a fresh point of departure.” (Rowe, 1987)

All the ideation is about solving the initial idea. Just takes somebody to revaluate the initial idea. Example the crossing the Taff.

Osborn’s Checklist for transforming ideas (Your Creative Power by Alex Osborn)

Take one idea and run it though the checklist to create even more ideas. For example taking one of my marques through the checklist to create more ideas. – help getting out of a mental block – stimulate thinking.

Defer judgement – need to entertain openness. Should always get every idea on paper otherwise that idea might leave your mind and then it is lost forever, nobody else can run within further, nobody else can learn from it. Externalise it. Don’t allow yourself to think any idea is not good enough.

Go for quantity – multiply your options. Lets see it in a different way, taking an idea into another setting. Different colour, rotation.

Get radical – explore the misfit explore intentionally misfiring to get a better design. the provisional, thats fine at this stage don’t judge anything just keep moving forward.

Leapfrog and mashup the old/new, wild/tame, yours/other. Working with others at this stage, idea of collaboration. Studio work.

Whoosh and maintain the flow. Keeping the creative flow going to help the ideas flow. (refer back to creative mornings talk about Flow with Niki)

Clear vs Fuzzy Goals. Graphic Design tend to be fuzzy goals as we are all given the same brief but all the outcomes will be different depending on individual. Thinking about various projects all at the same time with all these Fuzzy Goals, need to keep consider how you are spending time.

IDEO – 7 Rules of Brainstorming (ideation) 

IDEO are all about creative thinking, ideations, product design and service design. (same ideas being repeated by various people)

Rule 1 – Defer Judgement. Rule 2 – Encourage Wild Ideas. Rule  3 –  Build on ideas of others (like leapfrog). Rule 4 –  Stay focused. Rule 5 – One conversation at a time (maintaining flow). Rule 6 – be visual. Rule 7 –  Go for quantity

How to frame your challenge, think about how you might go around the challenge rather than straight through it.

Selection Methods: Grouping, Dot Voting, Selection Matrix (maybe not always the best method), Get to 1 Idea.

Ideation Tools

Generative Collision – Collide ideas to generate new ones. Can be useful not only in design but also dissitation writing.

Random word generator – pick random word to show how it would work with your project for example logo. How would the idea change depending on the word that is chosen. See what happens – another way to overcome creative block.

Personification – taking a person and applying their personality to the brand. Who personifies their product. Changing the personality how does that change the personality of the brand? Could be a way of both generating ideas and communicating ideas.

Creativity should be playful, should be fun, should be enjoyable.

Be expansive/challenge barriers

Be meta-cognitive – not just thinking at the problem but thinking about how your going to solve it.

Play with process, as well as outcome – 100 marques creation, be random. Think about how you can develop your process and make it more creative. Technical expertise is important but also creative idea expertise is very important.


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