On Display – Initial Poster Designs

For the two posters I decided that I wanted the imagery to be reflective of the exhibition but still be interesting to look at. I didn’t want it to be just pictures of people in uniform I wanted the images to be abstract. I thought about the uniform that I had available to me and how I could show the concept and story of the exhibition.

I wanted the images to be abstract at point but also be able to be recognised as part of uniforms. I shot the images on my camera before taking them into photoshop to edit. I photographed a high-vis jacket as form looking at different uniforms high-vis is prominent throughout all of them. However, I didn’t want the yellow of the high-vis to distract for the work in the exhibition so I decided to make the image black and white.

Using these images I took them into InDesign to start creating different variations of the posters. I decided that the the posters were going to be A3 in order for them to be easily seen from a distance. I initial started by using a 4 column gird with 8mm gutter and a 10mm margin. This allowed me to play with where I put the type and the marque, it also still allows the image to breathe and speak for itself.

I had a one to one tutorial with Theo who I showed these posters to who thought that the 1st and 3rd poster worked the best, worked the strongest. There were a few legibility issue in the 2nd and 3rd one, the marque on the third poster doesn’t read well with the white highlight behind it. One the second poster the type over the type on the uniform makes it difficult to read and the double image on the poster with the faded colour doesn’t work as well. From this feedback I decided to go back to these designs and develop them further.

I decided to darken the area where the logo marque is placed. This made the marque more legible to the audience. I think the pink contrasting with the black and white image is eye catching which will draw people to the poster. I think this is one of the strongest poster designs that I have developed.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 10.57.11

Also, I thought I would try and develop the second poster further by taking the images back into photoshop and editing out the type on the uniform to try. I then decided to try frame the type with the fabric so that the image and type work better. I changed the image at the bottom back to full colour to create more vibrance within the composition. However, I’m unsure at this stage whether or not this is a strong design I feel that I need to print all three out on A3 and then see in person which ones work the best.


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