On Display – Website Design

To start off on the website design I looked at some websites and evaluated what worked well about each other them, this would help me when developing my own website for the exhibition.

Firstly I looked at Tate website to try get a sense of how a place that gets a lot of exhibitions promotes them online. When you first go to the website you get to the landing page, the branding is clear at the top of the page with a menu across the top of different elements that the Tate has to offer. Have a clear menu of whats on the website I think is key and was something that all the websites I looked at had in common. This is something that I will definitely need on the website.

I also looked at Visit Cardiff Website as my exhibition would be initial based in Cardiff I thought that it could potentially be advertised further here. This website feels very corporate which I will do as it’s council run. Again, I thought that use of the menu at the top of the landing page was very important to the use of the website. I particularly liked the use of imagery as which you can click on to access certain events in the city. This is element that I’m not sure would work well on my own website but is an element to consider.

Furthermore, I decided to look at visit Wales for reason similar to why I looked at Visit Cardiff. This website again used the key feature seen on all the other pages however, one element that caught my eye was the option to select a language for example English to Welsh. This is something that I could incorporate into my own website as it will be held in Wales to start of with.

From my research then I started to to sketch out some ideas for the website, I felt that the website needed to be a similar style to the booklet so I used the same colour scheme and imagery as the booklet. I created the website in Adobe XD as I wanted to be able to show and see what the website would look like when working. I included a main menu that ran across the top of the page in the three accent colours of the brand.


I decided to go with three sections in the menu which were; about, get in touch & find us. This would allow me to also display wayfinding and other place of digital presence on the website. At the moment I think that the website is starting to come together slowly but I also think there might be other elements that could be improved. I want to show this to my peers at the next group tutorial to gain some feedback and some ideas to push it further.

Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 10.53.51


Tate. (2019) Available at: https://www.tate.org.uk (Accessed: 26 October 2019)
Visit Cardiff. (2019) Available at: https://www.visitcardiff.com (Accessed: 26 October 2019)
Visit Wales. (2019) Cardiff. Available at: https://www.visitwales.com/destinations/south-wales/cardiff (Accessed: 26 October 2019)

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