On Display – Animated Logo

For the animated logo I wanted it to be simple something that wasn’t super complicated that could cause confusion. Animating the iD marque I felt had to include this idea of mirroring as that is something that we see throughout the exhibition even the initial  inspiration for the work by Devin Mitchell.

I started off by sketching some frames for the animation to help me start thinking of how I could effectively show the idea of mirrors. I thought about reflecting the logo but in the end I decided that maybe using drawn lines that mirror each other would be better.


To do this I used a trim paths on the outlines of each of the letters. This allowed me to create the sense of the marque being drawn onto the screen. As both of the letters contained straight edges I thought that if these were drawn at the same time it would create the impression that its being mirrors identical to start until the ‘D’ start to curve then they are different.

Initially this didn’t look quite right as the ‘I’ is smaller than the D it didn’t look as though it was mirroring each other. So I decided to play around with the scale of the ‘I’ where I came up with the idea of scaling the ‘I’ down gradually. So that it starts the same size as the D (mirroring effect) then changes so that the marque is recognisable. Once the marque is drawn the words ‘identically different’ appear underneath the marque as they have been presented before.


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