On Display – Exhibition space & promotional installation

As stated before for the promotional installation will be a large screen on the floor that reflects the sky above (like a mirror) and when people look into the screen, using augmented reality face tracking technology it places them in a uniform. So everyone who looks into the screen is identical but when they look up at the people around them they realise they are all different people.

This technology is really only in the basic stages at the moment however, its continuously developing. It is starting to be used more within different context now including social media and corporate products. The technology used feature points which are placed onto a face detected then track them to monitor movement. Imagine it like a snapchat filter over the face of the individual, however, it will be more realistic, like the work of image metrics who have developed AR technology that allows you to virtually try on glasses and makeup.

Through doing this bit of research has allowed me to have a better understanding about the technology needed for this installation. I’m not able to actually develop this technology myself therefore I will need to use other means of showing it.

Exhibition Space

In order show installation I decided that it would be interesting to show the exhibition space to so that people have a better understanding about it. Using Adobe Dimensions I was able to create this initial mock up for the space. Using an image on the Hayes from the Internet (referenced below) This allowed me to get an initial sense of what the space would look like. Ideally the installation would be placed either outside the library or St Davids Hall, where there would be more space to interact with it. The block would be made from a reflective material with the photography displayed on them for people to look around.

Exhibtion Design 2

I will now need to develop what the installation will look like and develop how the Identically different branding will work in the space. This is something I will do after the tutorial as I would like some thoughts about the initial mock of the space first.

Morozova, A. (2019) Commercial use cases of AR face recognition and face tracking. Available at: https://jasoren.com/commercial-use-cases-of-ar-face-recognition-and-facial-tracking-apps/ (Accessed: 28 October 2019)
Image Metrics (2019) Available at: http://image-metrics.com(Accessed: 28 October 2019)
Candy, J. (2012) Christmas Lights on The Hayes – Cardiff. [Online]. Available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/joncandy/8203018113 (Accessed 28 October 2019)

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