On Display – Group tutorial 29/10/19

During the group tutorial I received some very useful feedback to help me push the designs and project further. I received the following feedback;

  • Think about legibility on screen, green screen on website with white text might be difficult to read.
  • Think maybe further about who would be sponsoring the exhibition or partners in it. Maybe think about would you need to add their logo to any posters.
  • Maybe consider making the posters similar to the website and booklet – might make them work together better.
  • Back page of booklet needs something maybe adding the social media handles or something maybe some stitching from one of the images. Looks like so much negative space right now.
  • On the end of the animated logo might be worth adding a trail to let the view know where they need to go next.
  • Wayfinding and Signage need to start to come together, like the initial ideas but need to start putting them into motion now. Likes the idea of way finding for translation and bus station.
  • Installation works well but need to create some sort of visual to show potentially how this would work.

From this feedback I can now start to develop the work further in time for the hand in date next week. I also need to start developing a second Digital presence as the web banner I created I felt doesn’t hold the brand values as well as I have hoped. I can now move forward and develop this further.

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