On Display – Wayfinding/ Signage

For my wayfinding I have thought about different ideas about how this could be done. Following on for the lecture we had at the start of the year with David I learnt that a way finding systems should be based on human behaviour it shouldn’t make them think. During in some research I came across the way finding system at Underhub language school which was designed by Emil Dervish. This system used bright colours lines on the walls and floor for people to follow. This is something that I think could work well for the identically different exhibition because I could have mirror lines on the floor showing people where to go. Throughout my research signage used a lot of arrows to show people where to go and I thought that this is something that I could also develop.

I started sketching out initial ideas for wayfinding I thought about using a simple map, however, to create a map in the style of the exhibition would be difficult as I have mainly used photography rather than illustration. I moved forward and started to develop some variations in illustrator. I thought that using the letter I from the logo would be interesting by laying it on the side. This seems similar to the arrow however it is in keeping with the visual language of the exhibition.

As my ideas developed I thought about using an arrow inside the dot of the I might make it easier to read and understand however, on reflection I feel that this then meant that there was too much going on and people might get confused. I had a small chat with David who suggested I play around with adding the curve of the D to the create a present shape simply guiding people to the exhibition. I experimented with this and found that this was simple but worked really well. It also was in keeping with the visual identity of the brand. I also experimented with having a reflective material in the curve of the D to match the lines that might be on the floor throughout the exhibition. This is something that I need to have a further think about.

MidWest sign and screen printing (2019). The best examples of wayfinidng signage. Available at: https://www.midwestsign.com/blog/2019/06/12/the-best-examples-of-wayfinding-signage/ (Accessed: 28 October 2019)

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