First Person – Graphic Novel – Brief & Exhibition Visit

Project Briefing

On Tuesday we start our first Field Modules for this year. My first project is First Person – Graphic Novel, which I was initially nervous about going into because I haven’t read many graphic novel before. However, I was intrigued about learning how I could create something like this.

During the briefing of the project we spoke about what we thought about graphic novels but we also discussed three main ideas. These ideas I will need to remember throughout the process of the project, they will helpful for me to evaluate my work.

  1. The Protagonist – Character? Who is the main person? Is there multiple?
  2. Empathy –  Can I place myself in somebody else shoes? Have I been able to connect emotionally to the audience and to the character?
  3. Interior Monologue – Inner thought? Can I show how my character is thinking during the story rather than just describing?

These elements will contribute an interesting element visually to my work. After the briefing for the project I feel much better about what I am going to do. I think that this will also link about to my subject area thinking about pace and storytelling which are both important parts to my practice.

Exhibition Visit

After the briefing we all walked to Cardiff Museum to see two photography exhibitions. The one exhibition was showing the work of August Sander, a German photographer in the early 1920’s. He documented people living and working within Germany at the time showing people from all walks of life. The second exhibition was by Berndt and Hilla Becher who work was arranged in a panel format, showing old industrial buildings throughout Europe and America. Out of the two exhibition which both showed extraordinary work and showcased the idea of typologies, I felt that I was personally able to connect more with the work of August Sander.

Three Generations of the Family .jpg
Three Generations of the Family c.1912 printed 1990 by August Sander

For example the image above (Three Generations of the Family) made me think about a photograph that I have with four generations of my own family. Family is a really important thing to me personally and this photo brought back memories of having the photo of the 4 generations of my family being taken. This could be the topic for my work thinking about family, thinking about generations, thinking about learning from the previous.

Another interesting thing that occurred to me when walking around this exhibition of Sander’s work was how he had arranged the categories. He had one called Skilled Tradesmen where he had a brick layer next to a business man, which is something that I would have never considered. It was interesting as I think today we wouldn’t see that happening, people wouldn’t group them together. Also, all the different categories were so diverse made me think about how there was such a diverse culture back then it was really interesting to see how many different walks of life there were.

Police Officer 1925, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964
Police Officer c.1925 printed 1990 by August Sander
Children Born Blind c.1930, printed 1991 by August Sander 1876-1964
Children Born Blind c.1930 printed 1991 by August Sander
Widower 1914, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964
Widower c.1914 printed 1990 by August Sander

All the images within the exhibition I was able to connect with and understand maybe what they were going through. As I went around the exhibition I wanted to try show empathy and think about what it might have been like at the time to be them to be in their shoes. I gave myself this small task to do while going around in order to be able to start understanding these terms that I think are going to be so important to me throughout this creative process. From all the images I seen in the exhibition a few have sparked a couple of idea within me so my next stage now is to start thinking into these more and start creating.


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