First Person – Graphic Novel – Ideas/Research

One image that I remembered distinctly for the exhibition visit was by August Sander Three Generations of the Family (1912). I think this image stayed with me because family is a very important thing to me, I have been lucky enough to grow up knowing various generations of my family. This photograph by Sander made me think about a photograph of 4 generations of my own family. This started me off my thinking about family and generations, what family means? what generations are? These questions lead me to think about changes from generation to generation.

Three Generations of the Family 1912, printed 1990 by August Sander 1876-1964
Three Generations of the Family c.1912 printed 1990 by August Sander

To start with my research I thought that it could be interesting and useful to look at photographs of my family find anyones I could of the different generations in the photographs together. I thought that this could offer me a story of my family or I might find somebody who inspires me. I was able to find 4 photographs with 3 or more generations in them, two of which I am in then 2 from older generations of the family.

Family images showing 3/4 generations of the family. 

There is something called the Generation Gap which according the Cambridge English dictionary is “a situation in which older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits, and behaviour” (2019) This generational divide can be seen in a lot of ways but it also cannot be seen. For example, using a mobile seems like second nature to me whereas to my grandparents it seem like its another world. I’ve grown up in the world around technology whereas it’s something that is another world to majority of my grandparents generation. 

This idea of generational gap made me think about showing a snap shot of 3 generations day to try and show how depending on peoples habits and how they grew up depends on their morning activities. For example my grandfather likes to have his newspaper everyday whereas I tend to use my phone to read the news. This would mean that the graphic novel shows people that the generation gap isn’t a bad thing because people find thing out in different ways we can still have a conversation about the same thing. I draw up an initial storyboard of the idea to show how it would work.

Initial Storyboard 1

After studying some of the photographs of my family I thought that it might be interesting to consider showing the story of different generations. I took the photograph of my great grandmother, grandmother, father and me for inspiration for the story as the other photo with myself in wasn’t complete blood relation my great aunt was married into the Williams family. I drew up an initial story board to show how they might relate to one another. In this idea I would have to use found imagery, family photographs to show different generations lives. I could also show how family values are passed down through generations which could be something interesting to look at.

Initial Storyboard 2

Out of these two initial ideas I think that looking at the generations of my own family would be better for this project as I think that it’s more interesting for the reader. I also think that this would be more personal to me and would allow me the opportunity be little more creative and expressive. I will take both of these ideas along to the next tutorial where I can gain further feedback.

Cambridge English Dictionary (2019) [Online] Available at: (Accessed: 18 November 2019)
Sander A. (1912) Three Generations of the Family. [Image] Available at: (Accessed: 13 November 2019)


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