First Person – Graphic Novel – Tutorial Feedback

In the group tutorial today I received the following feedback about the work:

  • Line works well within the narrative of the story but could be utilised more to work with the under lying themes and values.
  • maybe consider the line being broken at times reflecting what happens in the story, the constant change is the people some maybe the line could reflect this.
  • Consider having more than one line throughout the course of the narrative, maybe to show going of blood lines or show that the generations are all connected.
  • Like how the colour of the line changes subtly in between the generations.
  • Reminded them of a child drawing across old photographs could be considered scribble like.
  • Maybe consider having a hand made approach drawing over the images rather than using digital brush. could provoke a sense of family.
  • What does the line mean? Does it have something to do with family, life line, or blood line maybe?
  • Could consider getting dad or gran to draw the line onto the photographs see how the would draw it? could give inspiration for the narrative.
  • Maybe consider changing the order of the story starting with me moving backwards. See which one tells the story in the better way, maybe play around with composition of the story.

We had a discussion about what the line could mean, currently it seemed little too perfect, maybe consider the pace of the line and how it interacts with the images on the page. Maybe consider breaks within the line to show certain parts of the narrative. This is something that I could consider more and look into.

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