First Person – Graphic Novel – Binding Method Thoughts/Experiments

Initially I thought that I would bind the book together by glue, using a similar method that I have used before in editorial projects. I tested this idea on a smaller scale to what the book size would actually be. Although I want the book to be put together in a professional manner, I also wanted the binding of the book to have a possible meaning to the narrative or characters which I don’t think I have gained through binding using glue/spray mount.

I have done a book binding workshop before within my subject area which has allowed me to gain a brief idea of how I could put together a book. Recalling upon my experience in this workshop I decided to give Kettle Stitch binding ago. Using normal photocopy paper that I had available to me and a needle and thread, I was able to start trying to bind some blank signatures (two pages) together.

I found that through doing the kettle stitch binding allowed me the chance to make the book myself and it gave the book a sense of personality too. This was something that made me think of the topic of the novel, and having known the main people that the novel highlights, we are all very crafty and enjoy making things by hand so I thought that it would be another nod to them and their hobbies which might be nice.

Comparing the two methods together I do think that the stitch would be better suited to this project whereas using spray mount to attach the pages together is more suitable to maybe an editorial project, something that slick and clean. This project is supposed to be about family and connections, it’s something personal and the stitching shows that it’s made personally.

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