First Person – Graphic Novel – Development #3

Following from the feedback I was given in the tutorial I thought about how I could incorporate more lines into the images and what the lines represent. I now think that the lines represent the different life lines coming together, marriages forming, children being born and in some cases the lines coming to end. I thought that this might be a nice way for the viewer to track the characters throughout the story, as they might think that a character has disappeared.

To start this off I printed of a copy of the spread that shows my great grandmother’s wedding, as I thought that this shows a clear union of two people. Using a white marker I was able to draw a new line coming down from the top of the spread and then joining up alongside the current digital line. This clearly showed a union of two life lines to that were linked together however, I thought that it didn’t show the audience who the new life line was from. The viewer could probably make the connection that the new line represented the husband however, I think that it would be better to have a nod to the image that shows the new character.

This lead me onto exploring having the two lines intertwined too show that union of two lives but also to show the new character (great granddad) as an individual. I think that this worked well as it add more interest points in the spread. I also feel that by the lines coming together at the end of the page at the same point emphasis’s the fact that they are two people joined together by marriage.


I then moved onto experiment with having more than two line on the page, as currently at this stage there was going to be multiple lines on the page at once. I thought about keeping the lines together again the lines from my great-grandparents would surround the main line for my grandmother. On reflection though I found that this might appear to complicated and wouldn’t make much sense to the viewer.

I moved on from this idea and felt that it was still important to have all three lines on this particular spread to show that they were her parents. However as they aren’t in any of the photo’s on this spread I felt that it was suitable to have the line drop of the bottom of the page again. This could allow them to appear again later on in the novel if they needed to. I felt that if I kept them at the bottom of all the pages this might become to much for each spread.


Having the lines appear for each important individual to the story in the main images need I knew was going to need to be consider as for example my grandmothers wedding has my grandfather and both my great-grandparents there which means a lot of lines. Using pens I decided to try and show how the lines would work. My grandfathers line would appear from the top as it’s a new person while my great-grandparents lines would surface from the bottom of the page. Even though there are now 4 lines on the image I think that it would well and that it’s not too hectic that you lose the image. I do however, this that the placement needs more thought as at the moment they are placed a little bit at random.


Experimenting with Media 

As mentioned from the tutorial it was said that maybe using a Digital line didn’t give the personal feeling that maybe it should have. I decided that if I print of a few of the spread I had created then I would be able to experiment with paint and pens to see which worked best. This also I think allowed me to the opportunity to experiment with colour, even though I think that the pink works I also think that with more lines going to be used maybe it’s an opportunity to use some different colours.

I used acrylic paints to start of with, using the Digital line as a guide for me to paint along. I used a thin brush as I didn’t want the line to be super thick as this would detract from the images which is something that I don’t want to do. I feel that the paint line works well, it does have a more personal sense about it but my only concern with it is that the colour doesn’t always appear the same throughout the line. However, it could be argued that this gives it more charm. For the white line I have used a paint marker which in comparison to the actual paint I think it’s a stronger finish. Maybe I could consider using acrylic paint for the main lines (4 generations) going through the images but then use the paint markers to show the other characters that are coming into the story, for example through the marriages.


Even though the reds and the pinks I felt worked well with the images, I decided to experiment with blue. Using the blues each generations had a different shade of blue which was similar to what I was going with the reds/pinks. I personally like the blue and think that it works well with the images that I have tested it with. I do understand that it might appear cold to some people as blues/greens tend to be refereed to as cold colours whereas red and pinks are warmer colours. I think that this is something that I need to ask my peers about and gain some opinions about them.


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