First Person – Graphic Novel – Final Group Tutorial

In the tutorial this morning I was able to discuss the developments that I had made to my project. I was able to gain some feedback on the mixed media stuff that I had done. This came back very positively as it felt a lot more personal, however it was suggested that maybe the hearts are too polished at times and should be freer. I could consider making each of the hearts different from one another.

We also spoke about the typography within the graphic novel currently, I was experimenting with two different typefaces at the moment, however, we came to the conclusion that the typeface Letter Gothic Std was probably the better typeface as the other American Typewriter seemed too bold and demanding for the story. Furthermore, we also spoke about developing my own typeface for the novel. I thought that this would be a good idea however, in the timescale left for this project I think that this is something that I would definitely consider when carrying on this project in the future. They thought that through creating my own typeface I might be able to incorporate this better within the lifelines that play an essential part to the narrative. The idea of having the key quotes and phrases within the lines seemed to be most effective.

Furthermore, when explaining in more depth about how I obtained dates of events and names I showed my family trees that I had been able to use. These were created by my great aunt who found out majority of my family history. This sparked the idea of maybe using the family tree either at the end or beginning if the novel to show people in more depth the family. This would also act as a something to show the reader the people that are in the group photos, they would be able to know names, names which I can’t include in the main novel. I thought that this idea could allow me to develop some interesting visual elements to the family trees maybe showing the main characters through the lifelines being showed of the family tree.

I also showed the kettle stitch binding that I had a go at doing as I thought that by binding it through stitching would allow the idea to move forward more. This idea came across really well and was something that I could continue to use the novel was to be developed further. This led onto the idea of possibly using thread within the novel itself, to show the link between the binding method and the novel. The life lines are like threads so the inference could be made.

In the tutorial it we came into the conversation about what we have found through doing this project. I initially start with just an interested in the family generation, as this is something growing up that has always interested me, however, as the project has developed, and I have looked at photographs I have noticed strong similarities appearance wise between the generations. This was something that I never intended to find but something that you can see clearly throughout the novel. It’s an angle that I could potentially avenue down in the future if I wanted to.

Also, in the tutorial I was joined by Megan, we are both doing similar topics for our novels. This has allowed us to work together closely and bounce ideas back and forth between each other. By doing this it has allowed me the chance to gain ideas and perspectives I might not have reach on my own. Even right now in this last stage of the tutorials I have been able to bounce ideas around with Megan after the tutorial. This type of collaborative work is something that works well for me and gives me the impression of what it might be like to work as part of a team/studio.

I now have the ability to push through and try and get as much of this done as I can by next Thursday. I think this tutorial was really helpful to me guiding to more new ideas but also ideas that I could still develop once the deadline as past. I think that this is a project that I could continue to work on in my own time.



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