First Person – Graphic Novel – Development #4

Following the tutorial, I printed out some copies of the work (in black and white) with some of the developments that had been suggested to me. I managed to purchase some paint markers which were in different colours to enable me to be able to physically draw the lines onto the spreads rather than have them digital. I think that this works really well because it allowed each of the hearts to be different rather than all be too polished. I also think having all the lines hand drawn in the paint markers given them more resemblance to threads. I have also changed it so that the type is sitting within the line rather than on top of the line. I think that this makes the lines flow better and is easier to read.

Previously I had thought about the lines being different shades of the same colour, however, as the project has developed further I felt it would be more appropriate for each individuals line to be a different colour. Through doing this would allow the reader to be able to distinguish between characters easier throughout the course of the novel.

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I have also started to develop and created the section spreads; these I used a similar approach where I took a paint marker and showed all the individuals’ lifelines who were present in that section. I think that this works really well as when I was developing this digitally it wasn’t look right instead it seems as though the lines were too chunky; the paint markers are the better option.


Also, I developed the spread that shows the passing of my great-grandfather. As mentioned, before I was just doing to use the lines that flow throughout the book to show this. Initially I started by including the heart symbols within the lines, but on reflection the symbols were meant to show the person but as there’s no individuals to show as the spread is plain, I felt that this didn’t sit right. I then went on to develop a spread that used the colours of the line within out the hearts. Comparing these two spread it was clear that the plain lines were more powerful, and I think communicated the message better.

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