First Person – Graphic Novel – Development #5

As the project comes to a close there were a few things that I still needed to figure out and develop. Firstly being the name of the novel/narrative. This is something that I have purposely left until last as I felt that if I gave it a name it would effect my thoughts towards it hence why I have left it until last. I started to brain storm a couple of names including: Generations, Connections and Four of Us. However, none of these I felt linked to the context of the narrative, or what I had learnt through creating this book. I thought about the lines in the book and what they represent, these lifelines in the book show key characters. They are individual bloodlines of people, which is why the name Bloodline came into the conversation. Bloodline is to do with a set of ancestors and your heritage, which is essentially what the narrative of this book shows, how each generation came into being. I wanted the book to also have a small description on the back (even the mini mockup) which would give the viewer and insight into what the graphic novel was about.

“Bloodline explores the timeline of four generations. Inspired by a personal interest in family history, this novel delves into the key events which have shaped the family structure. Through the use of personal family photographs and mixed media Bloodline shows clear connections between the generations.” 

Furthermore, I also needed to develop the Marquette /mini version of the novel, which I felt was important because it would show how the book could work on a larger scale. Using kettle stitch binding method I was able to bind all the pages together using the method. When I presented my work I found that people felt that the size I had created the mini version at seemed the right size, they said that it felt personal and personalised, almost like it could fit in your pocket.

With these small developments to the project I think that this has allowed me to see my novel as though it could be put into production. However, I do like the handmade element almost as if its more of a one of artist book rather than something that could be put into production.

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