First Person – Graphic Novel – Creating The Display

For the final part of the project we were given a space in the library to create a small display of all our work together. As a group we were asked to design the display to make sure everyones work compliment each other and was displayed appropriately. This was another way in which we have collaborated within this module, as well as being able to talk with our peers about the work we’ve produced, this allowed us to work collaboratively to produce a display.

The Final Display Cabinet

In the end I think that the display did showcase everyones work in a positive light and enabled each piece of work to shine in it’s own light. This is something that I have not done before but I think that it has taught me a lot about how to display a group of work together. This will be a useful skill to have when it comes to putting together future shows and displays of work.

I felt that my novel was displayed nicely in the corner of the cabinet, and was placed on angle to allow people to be able to see the back of it as well as the page that it was displaying. It’s placement complimented the other people’s work well giving it space to breathe and stand alone.

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