Enhancement Week – Promotional Video Making Workshop

Today I attended the promotional video making workshop with Neil learning about the basics of Premier Pro. Before the workshop I hadn’t used premier pro, this was something that was new to me, but I wanted to learn. Through the workshop I learnt how to import in video footage and how to edit it together to create a basic video using snaps as the transitions. We also learnt that we can add different effects and transitions to make the videos better. I found it useful to learn about how to create a frame in frame effect as I think it would be best to show processes being repeated over and over again. I need to do some more learning on Premier Pro now to develop my skills and understanding of what this software can actually achieve.

From learning some of the basics about Premier Pro, I have noticed that there are a lot of similarities between the controls of Premier Pro and After Effects. As I have had a lot more of experience of using After Effects, I think that if I was to start using Premier Pro more than these similarities will help me to get used to it.

As part of the workshop we learnt about green screen and how it can be used in order to edit in objects. Green screens are used because green is the easier colour to move as it not found in the human skin tone, meaning you can remove it in comparison to the rest of the image. This is really useful to know as it might come in handy for future projects where I might need to show a magazine or branding. We were also shown the studio space where we are able to use the green screen in the future, as well as being shown the camera equipment which we are able to be loaned.

Overall, I think that this was a useful and successful workshop for me as I’ve been able to expand my Adobe Creative Suite skills which will aid me in the future. I found that this workshop allowed me to expand my thinking about how I could bring graphic elements into video editing world, this could allow me the opportunity to create something different in the future.

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