Explore: Work Placement – Week 1

For this first week of my work placement I have been at Girl & Boy Studio a branding, website, illustration graphic design studio in Barry.

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 20.45.16

Overall this first week has been awesome, I have learn’t so much already and it’s only my first week. The studio has played a massive part in making this first week of work placement and amazing experience. This is my first work placement as a designer in university so everything is new to me and really exciting. I have been absorbing everything in, taking notes and understanding seeing the ins and outs of how industry works.

One my first day the team (Leanne, Alexis & Duncan) were really welcoming and showed me their current project they are working on. This was interesting for me to see because it gave me and insight into how different designers work and find inspiration, it will help me develop my own practice. Throughout the week they asked me to shadow and help on their on going project for the Goodsheds development in Barry. I am lucky enough to be in the studio at the start of this project which means I am able to see and understand the ideation process of creating the concept for the project. Through shadowing the project has enabled me to develop my Adobe Illustrator skills, which is useful as this is the programme which I have struggled with in the past. I have also had the opportunity to explore Adobe After Effects further through experimenting with ideas about how elements of the brand could be animated and used. This again as useful as I haven’t done much animation and I am keen to push myself further with ideas.

During my first week here I have also had the experience of few client progress meetings. It was really useful to see their reasoning behind the design descions as well as seeing all the considerations they made. I found it useful as well to see how they pitch to clients, selling their concept idea, this is something that I will learn for as I think it will help with my presentation skills in the future. Summing up, my first week on placement was amazing and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey. I’m pleased to be gaining more experience of branding and commercial side of graphic design.

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