Explore: Work Placement – Week 3

Throughout this post I will be answering the following questions.

What have you learnt about yourself as you continue your placement in terms of skills, knowledge and about yourself?

How do you feel about the most recent experiences and have these feelings impacted on your work at any time?

In what ways are you now better prepared for each day in work?

Can you identify areas where you would like to improve your skills, and how do you hope to do this over your final days on placement?

This week I’ve been lucky enough to be able to join the Graphics Team within Cardiff and Vale Health Board. It has been a very different experience for me this week in comparison to the first two weeks, as it’s an in-house environment. This is a really valuable for me to experience this as well as working within a studio as I might one day end up working in this type of environment.


The team were really welcoming to me showing me around and showing me the type of work that they do in the hospital environment. It was really interesting to see what types of jobs they get coming into the department and how they work when it comes to designing. It was interesting to see other designers work, see there working methods and other processes. They have provided me with a various tasks to complete this week while I’m there on placement. Through doing this it will allow to experience everything that might come through the department, to allow me to get the full experience of what happens there. I have learnt through doing the placement in health board that my skills have to be used in a slightly different way to normal, the work is more formal rather than having a creative element to it. However, I think that these jobs that aren’t so creative can pop up in both environments.

The tasks I were set were mainly printed based posters and leaflets which was interesting as due to the environment in which I was working meant that there was a lot of type that needed to be placed, which was different from the other work which I have done. As majority of the task I was doing were print based, I was lucky enough to be able to go down to the print room on site where they print majority of what they produce. This was a really interesting experience for me too see how the take what I do on indesign and then change it into being able to print. I found learning about the printing systems and how they need to check that the colours set by the designers match the printers set up and the paper stock that they are printing onto. I think I’d like to have the opportunity to walk around a larger printers as well in order to understand more about there side of things. As a designer you spend time conversing with printers so to have a small understanding of the terminology used would be beneficial to myself.

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At the start of the work placement with the health board I was nervous that I wasn’t going to enjoy the atmosphere due to my own fear of the hospital setting. This would have initial impacted the work that I did at the start of the first day on the placement, however, as the week went on this didn’t impact my work at all. Knowing that I was strong on the first day of my placement allowed me to prepare myself for each day in work.

While I was in the team I learnt more about my ways of designing, and throughout the last days of my placement I am hoping to be able to learn more about using both InDesign and Illustrator. As I know there are things that I can learn that will help me when designing. I am excited to continue my last week of work placement  and continue learning more the industry.

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