Explore – Work Placement – Conclusion

Work placement has been a massive learning curve for me, I’ve learnt more about design, the industry and about what it means to be a designer. It has definitely exceeded my expectations of work placement. I found learning about the designers really interesting hearing their stories made me inspired to work for this. One thing that will stick with me from this experience is about creative; reading, listening and traveling as much as I can will help me to find new interests and with new interests comes new sources of creativity and inspiration. This will aid me throughout the rest of my studies because finding creativity recently has been difficult for me and know this will help me in the future. It has also exceeded my expectations by showing me that you learn when you’re working, they don’t expect you to be perfect and it’s a safe environment to throw ideas around.

Doing work placement has reaffirmed to me the reason why I decided to study graphics and has made my desire to work within the industry even stronger. From work placement I wanted to give myself an idea about where I’d possibly like to take my career after university. It has helped me see that currently I think I’d like to work within a studio environment rather than an inhouse design setting. I feel that this experience will change the way I approach my studies and has helped me to develop my own design process further. The ideas and work methods that I have used within the projects., will continue to aid me throughout the course of the rest of my studies.

I had a really positive experience in both my work placements, that if I had the opportunity again there isn’t anything that I would do differently. However, as mentioned before I have learnt many lessons from this experience about design and creativity that I will take these lessons away with me and continue to practise them as much as I can. I would recommend work placement to any students in the future because it has been one of the most useful experiences, I’ve had from being at university. I would say that it would be helpful to any student within the art school as it will help you to see what it’s like to work within your industry, university can only provide a certain amount of reality to the projects. Whereas it’s different when you’re working on a live brief.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time on work placement it has inspired me to continue to work hard and gain the knowledge and understanding of graphic design. It has also shown me that it’s a continuous industry of learning, as a designer you are learning every step of your career and continue to do so. Over the summer period I am hoping that I can gain some more experience within the industry by finding some placements that I can do within my own time.

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