Persuasion – Task 1

For the first task of this project we were asked to find examples of persuasive media within set topic. We were given groups and each group had a topic, ours being racism, culture and identity. We all decided to look at racism as we only had ten minutes to present. Starting off we did some initial research into campaigns that were out there on racism, doing this individual to begin with before coming together as a team to discuss our findings.

When researching I found that a lot of the campaigns out there were around racism within football, which was an interesting as this is something that it often talked about in the media. I thought about researching an area which was different to football, like public transport when I came across a campaign by transport for Ireland. This was interesting as it used selfies from commuters to create these images of people. The idea behind the campaign was to encourage people to report any incidents that they might seen when using public transport. This campaign was successful in terms of the getting people involved in the campaign, they received 5 more reports a week whereas before it was 1 a week. Although this was mainly a print based campaign it was found that it was very successful even reaching countries further afield.

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As a team then we put together a small presentation with the four example which we had found and individual taken on and researched. I felt that we had variety across the example, although three of them were related to football, I still felt that they were very different in the approach style.

Immigrant Council of Ireland (2019 Transport for Ireland and Immigrant Council of Ireland launch new anti-racism campaign on public transport. Available at: (Accessed: 4 March 2020)

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