Persuasion – Task 2: What’s the Story?

Task 2: Conduct research about the stories that define your era. Find examples of persuasive media, consider who’s the audience, what’s the message, how’s the message carried? 

To begin I created a mind map of different areas/campaigns which came to my mind when thinking about stories that have been important within the past ten years (2010-2020). There are so many themes that I could think of, political, cultural, social, so many it made me realise the past ten years of me growing up the world has changed a lot. I thought that I’d go research 6 key ideas/stories which have shaped where we are now.

Mindmap of Campaigns & Stories. 


This campaign started back in 2016 (when I wasn’t old enough to vote), the result of this campaign would affect my future hugely. The target audience for these campaigns were the British public, who were able to vote. Do we want to remain part of the European Union or do we want to leave was the big question everybody was asking? Comparing the two campaigns now the leave campaign is clear using very direct wording “vote leave” which is a call to action in itself. People just saw vote leave no other information but ‘vote leave’ was placed everywhere from Buses to Placards to Leaflets. In comparison, the remain campaign’s visual language was more busy and not as clear and direct. The I having read made it difficult to read in my opinion.

Oliver, W. (2019) Campaigners hold placards
Rousseau, S. (2018) A Vote Leave placard during the EU referendum.



Veganism/Animal Rights

Between 2014 – 2019 saw the rise of Veganism, people are starting to look at their ethical decision in life. With links to both climate change and animal rights, the idea of being vegan to better yourself and the planet has exploded onto the scene. Veganuary is one of the biggest campaigns running, the key message is too inspired and help people to try vegan for a month and beyond. This campaign has had over 500,000 participants since 2014, and over 500 businesses have also taken part in the campaign in 2019. The audience for this campaign is for everybody teens right through to the elderly, which is why the media is so varied in getting the message across. Animal rights organisation PETA has used persuasive media to get their campaigns across. Their campaigns are visually hard hitting, they aren’t strictly typographical they use imagery to emotional get to the audience. The audience for their campaigns are again members of the public but also the government get them aware of the harm it’s causing.

Veganuary Poster (2016)
Peta (2019) I’m ME not MEAT.

Project 84

Mental health awareness is another area which has been on the rise in the past decade, with people becoming more aware of the areas within mental health. Suicide is a major issue within the UK, in 2018 there were 6,507 suicides. According the Samaritans suicide statistic report in the UK, men are three times as likely to die by suicide than women. Project 84 was a campaign run by CALM (Campaign against living miserably) to stop people in there tracks and realise the impact of suicide on men in UK. 84 statues were created each relating to a real life loss. These were placed on top of buildings (ITV studio) where they caught the attention of people got them talking about the cause. This campaign was very persuasive in getting people to talk about the cause and join the campaign to raise awareness.

ITV (2018) Project 84 via Twitter

Age UK

Lonliness is one of the more recent social issues that has been brought to light in the past few years. Loneliness can have an impact on mental health even though loneliness itself isn’t a mental health issue. Age UK are a organisation there to help older people who might not have somebody to turn to when they need help.  One of the campaigns they have done in 2019 was teamed with Cadbury’s. They produced bars of chocolate without their branding on to go along with campaign slogan “Donate your words”. This was a very simple way of getting the message across the the audience who were the general public. Alongside this they produced adverts for TV and social media to support the campaign.

Cadbury (2019) Cadbury Dairy Milk | Donate Your Words 120″

Climate Change – Extinction Rebellion

Climate Change is now at the forefront of peoples minds, especially in the past months with aspects such as the flooding in UK and Bushfires in Australia. Over the past years members of the public have started calling for cars to go electric to reduce emissions (after the VW dieselgate), renewable energy source to be used and coal power plants to be shut down. More media attention is being gained on deforestation (palm oil) and ice melting in the artic, it’s a massive issue we need to tackle.

In September 2018 Extinction Rebellion announce a Declaration of Rebellion against the UK Government, where they came into the lime light in the media. The movement held protests all over the country including Cardiff in 2019. Protestors blocked the main road outside Cardiff Castle where they parked a green boat which meant that the road had to be closed causing distribution to the city centre. The audience of this particular protest was the government to get their attention and take some action on climate change. As well as parking a green boat in the middle of the street protesters also had banners and placards to help convey their message. Protests like these were taking place across the country, all with he same intent to gain government attention.

Screenshot 2020-03-06 at 10.32.37

Plastic Pollution 

The statics of plastic waste in our environment particularly our oceans has been rise and is continuing to rise as the years go on. There have been a number of campaigns over the years to try and reduce the amount of plastic we produce. There was an online campaign where people started to call for plastic straws to stop being used by fast food restaurants such as McDonalds. This campaign though wasn’t visual the amount of support it got gained the attention of the government who have banned the supply of plastic straws, stirrers and cotton eye buds from April 2020. Furthermore, a Greenpeace plastic waste campaign saw the creation of a dead whale made of plastic ocean waste. It caught the attention of people straight away who on social media at first thought this was a real whale. This campaign stood out in my mind as I remember seeing it and it being hard hitting. It made a lot of consumers think more about the amount of plastic that they were buying and the disposal of it.

Cinches, V (2017) Plastic Dead Whale

These are just few of many many campaigns out there which have shaped the story of the past decade and now. All these campaigns are persuasive, they get their message across to the intended audience. The creativity of these campaigns is amazing, how they aren’t all purely typographical or all using hard hitting imagery, but they all achieve there aim.

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