Persuasion – Task 3: Creative Brief

The task today set by Ian and Jay was to create a creative brief in response to the client brief that we had been given. The creative brief isn’t a project plan but it forms the boundaries for the creative process. We did this in groups, as this was the first creative brief that we had been asked to put together. We followed guidance sent to us by Jay and Ian in order to ensure that we had included everything.

Below is the creative brief that we completed for our Client FourMuttsTV. This PDF version we sent to the client along with a series of question we wanted clarity on. While we sent the client a PDF format the document was designed on my laptop on InDesign.I was asked to be the lead contact for the group so I was in charge of contacting the client

Creative Brief_Helping the Planet one Paw at a time

The list of questions sent off to the client was as followed:

1. What is the main deliverable you want from us?

2. What are some examples of your existing brand identity?

3. Is there anything we should stay away from in terms of visuals?

4. What is the main message you are trying to get across to people?

5. Would you be able to provide us with any brand guidelines, video assets and any promotional material?

We are just waiting on a response from Jennifer our client to hopefully arrange a meeting with her for later next week to get a better understanding about the project.

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