Persuasion – Copyright/Image Seminar

Martha Ashford came to deliver a talk regarding copyright of imagery. During in first year we had a similar talk from Martha however, this was more focused on imagery in particular. She went through copyright laws regarding the use of imagery and other media. After the talk I felt that it didn’t lead itself to my current project due to the nature of the brief, but will come in very useful when putting together my dissertation proposal.

Below are a few of the key points which Martha made during the talk:

  • Copyright is there to protect the owners/creators of imagery.
  • you aren’t able to just take someones work then use it in your own.
  • Fair Dealings/Fair Use – using for research or private study.
  • Public Domain – is any image that’s fallen into the public property (art 70 years after the death of the artists.) You don’t have to obtain any permission before using the imagery. This isn’t always the case.
  • Creative Commons – 6 different license each having a different purpose. Always check an images licence before using.
  • Cardiff Met has a few image databases that it’s subscribes to that we can use. Berg Fashion Library, Bridgman Education, Harpers Bazzaar Archive, Vogue Archive and WGSN.
  • WGSN – has very strict rules – can only be used for educational purposes (dissertations, sketchbooks, presentations) These cannot be used on any social media platforms.
  • Ensure that all of the imagery used is references correctly.
  • Publicly available collections: Ad of the World, British Museum Collection Online, Flickr Commons, Metropolitan Museum of Art Works Art Collection, National Gallery, New York Public Library Digital Collection, VADS, V&A Collections and Uffizi Digital Collection.
  • Image Collections – Creative Commons offers some image collections, Wikimedia commons, Old Book Illustrations, Viintage, Foodies Feed and TinEye Multicolr.
  • Stock Photography – Using sites like Pixel, stocksnap, unsplash, Madeleine and Gratisography.
  • If posting any content online consider adding a watermark so people can’t take your work or consider including an email in the caption so if people want to use the photo they can contact you.
  • Remember to always acknowledge the photo/ imagery you have used in blogs or assignments,

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