Persuasion: Task 3 – Client Meeting

We meet with the client to get a further insight into the brief via Skype, due to recent advice from the government and university to work from home. I contact Jennifer to arrange a Skype meeting which she was happy to do and we arranged to do this at 1pm as it suited her. After telling the group about the time it appeared it was going to be just myself and Ellie meeting the client.

Prior to meeting the client me and Ellie had a Skype meeting where we talked about the questions we needed to ask Jennifer. These included:

  • Is an intro and outdo the main deliverables you want from us?
  • What is the tagline for the project?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to see from us? Maybe some more concepts for social media like Facebook or instagram templates.

When we were speaking we also felt that we should start by letting her know the changes to the project in terms of the deadline and delivery. After final reviews on Thursday 26th March we can refine the ideas then send the pdfs over to Jennifer in order to gain some feedback on the outcomes prior to submitting on Thursday 2nd April. We will recieved formative feedback from our tutors allowing us time to reflect and change the elements suggested before submitting to Jennifer on May the 1st.

The meeting with Jennifer gave me a clear idea of what she wanted and made me feel more positive about designing for a live client. We were able to get a better understanding about the brand the aesthetics and other  visual elements. These were a few of the key points which Jennifer made.

  • As a brand they only would like to work with ethical and sustainable brands.
  • They aim to cover and host dog friendly events, some of which have been pushed back due to Cover – 19. These were events such as working with the RNLI down Barry Island or producing live videos to help people learn to bake their own dog treats.
  • Campaigns to look at include Pets at Home; Poppy Appeal, RNLI saving dogs, these are types of storys I think they are trying to tell.  
  • Call to action words might include, like, subscribe, comment, live, watch, join and participate.
  • Social media is the main focus.
  • Their competitors and/or inspiration is the The Dodo.
  • Less is more was emphasised by Jennifer as she likes clean and clear design.
  • She said that there brand identity is made up from natural colours mainly mustard and navy, but there are some natural colours within the secondary colour palette two.
  • The brand should be visually consistent across the board and should work with all social media platforms.

After this meeting we spoke to the rest of the members in the group to tell them about this feedback that we had  received. We spoke to Siwen directly as we initial called the chat however, the others we had to message as they were unable to answer the call at the time.

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