Persuasion: Task 3 – Video Research

As the main deliverable for this project is a video intro and outro I thought that it would be interesting to conduct some research to see what’s already out there. By doing this will give me an idea of things that are out there and different ways of engaging the audience.


  • I noticed that all the thumbnails for the videos were similar in style, and if they were within a ‘series’ then all the thumbnails were the same.
  • The videos were between 3-4 minutes which is a good length as I think it means that the viewers won’t get bored watching.
  • The thumbnails aren’t fancy professional photographs, they are simple still shots from the video which if think is important.
  • On the videos on social media they tend to have the an animated logo in the top right hand corner.


  • The Dodo videos don’t really have a intro to them, they go straight into their video which I think might be because they know that people won’t stop scrolling just because of a logo on a screen. This is something I’ll need to consider.
  • In there video they do have there logo which is constantly in the corner of the video which shows how the brand is shown throughout the video.
  • Animation – Throughout their videos they seem to have animation over the top of elements. For example if the animals make a noice you might see lines to indicate they are making sounds.
  • Subtitles – all their videos have subtitles which helps to boost engagement so people can still watch the videos even if they can’t get sound (maybe they are on a bus and don’t have headphones)


  • At the end of this particular video they have a call to action to help people find more information about another cause that the brand is supporting. This is an interesting idea as I know that the client will be working on videos that support different causes.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 10.39.56

  • The end of the video has a bright coloured animated boarder which catches attention of the audience. Also have their branding large and on the side they had three call to actions, like, comment and subscribe. I think theses are the three main call to actions being used on YouTube and other video platforms.


The Dodo (2020) Man Finds Tiny Puppies In Box On Side Of The Road. Available at: (Accessed: 20 March 2020)

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