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Persuasion: Task 3 – Development

Following on from the initial ideas stage and tutorial I thought that I would start to develop an illustrator document which would show me some visuals for the social media side of the project rather than the video intros. Since doing my work placement I have developed this working technique where I just have everything on one art board it allows me to see what happens as my ideas develop.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 12.20.15

Social Media 

For the social media posts I first thought about create a colour scheme which they could use for the three different sections of the video content. They have three types of videos they conduct story, causes and events having three different colours will make it easier for the audience to see what’s video is being posted and what the content is related too. Using the colour palette which were sent to us by Jennifer I thought that I’d start by creating a variety of colour palettes using the mustard and navy as the main colours.

I mocked up some initial ideas of instagram posts and instagram stories. Instagram stories are a growing way in which to engage your audience which is why I thought that it was important to suggest these to the client. I did these on illustrator and used photoshop to place them into templates on photoshop. I had two initial concepts at this stage one using plain coloured background and the other using photo overlay. Both of these concepts at this stage could work and I think I’ll present both at the next tutorial.

Concept 1 – Mockups
Concept 1 – Mockups
Concept 2 – Mockups

Video Intro/Outro

For the main deliverable I did do some initial storyboards for ideas, this helped to clearly see what I was doing in each stage. As mentioned before I felt that using the logo an animating this would be best as it’s simple and not over complicated. Out of the six initial ideas I took forward concept/idea 1, 4 and 6. 

Using After Effects meant that I was able to import the logo that had been sent to us to animate which was an easy process. I created three different concepts in order to show on Tuesday during the tutorial.

My first concept was simple have the logo spinning over the video then at the end have a black screen with three call to actions at the end popping up. Simple yet effective, for the tutorial I used a video of my own dog to demonstrate how this would work with video content.

The second concept was using the full logo in the intro in a similar manner to the first concept. At the end the call to actions would be shown over the top of the video, which is an interesting idea and I’m intrigued to see what the outcome might be.

The third concept used similar animation as the first two but introduces the use of colours which I felt was important considering the social media concepts were based around the idea of using colour. It uses colour both at the start and end of the video alongside call to actions.

I will show all these concepts on Tuesday to Jay and the rest of my team and hopefully gain some feedback and guidance on where to go next and which concept they think I should develop further when it comes to the video intro and outro.




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