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Persuasion: Task 3 – Tutorial #2

Today we presented our PDF Concept Documents to Jay and rest of the group. Again in this tutorial it was myself, Ellie, Joe and Siwen same as last time which was good to get feedback from the people that heard and saw my initial ideas.

I thought that everyone had really good ideas, even though we are all working from the same brief we are all working very differently which is good as it will give Jennifer a variety of ideas and choices. I really like Ellie’s work, it all worked really well together as a package. She’d thought of really interesting ideas on social media like using filters which are popular right now. Her gifs were really interesting I thought that they would work really well with the existing brand. Joe focused on storyboards of his ideas, I thought his approach of using illustation (frame by frame animation) was very interesting and I’m interested to see his final outcomes. Siwen also had a very different approach focusing on social media aspects and posters.

Jay seemed really pleased with my concepts that I presented, he thought that the idea of using some colour coding system to present information was very effective. This was the general feedback I got from the rest of group which made me feel that this was the best concept to take forward. In comparison the second concept felt like it was too busy and the coloured overlays weren’t doing justice to the imagery.

In terms of the video intro and outros I found this is where I got most of my feedback. Jay seemed to like all three but the first and third concept seem to be the favourite three. The feedback was the same from jay and the rest of the team that they felt the intro from the first concept worked the best as it was simple and effective. As Jennifer pointed out ‘less is more’ which why I just have the icon appear quickly over the top of the video. In terms of the outro it appeared that the group liked the use of colour as they felt it caught their eye. They felt that it worked better at the end of the video with the call to actions as they viewer would stick around to see the call to actions. Furthermore, they liked that I had added the social media handle at the end of this concept which they felt I should adapt and take forward into the next stage of development.

My plan for the next stage of development before Thursday is too:

  • Develop the social media side of the project further creating a final ‘package’ that could be shown to the client.
  • Develop the Interactive elements of the social media further.
  • Develop the Intro and Outro based on the feedback.
  • Develop my GIFS (I wasn’t able to show these for some reason during the tutorial)

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