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Persuasion: Task 3 – Client Feedback

Today we had another meeting with Jennifer over Skype were she gave us feedback on the concept documents that we had sent over to her. We suggested a Skype meeting as it was more convenient for Jennifer to speak to us directly rather than write it all out, this also saved time for us when it came to improving before Thursday’s deadline. It was myself and Ellie who were only available to Skype with Jennifer however, we took notes on the others feedback so we could pass it on to them.

I was super happy with Jennifers feedback saying she loved the concept and thought I’d ‘nailed the brief’. She liked the use of colours to break up the different content for the videos. She asked me if I’d like to do some work experience with them and work on their Facebook campaign. I thought that this was a massive positive and I was really excited about the chance. She also loved Ellie’s concept and also asked her to do some work experience with them on their Instagram campaign. She didn’t say much about my video intro and outro by feedback seemed positive, but she felt the style and tone of voice used within my social media campaign was right for her branding.

She suggested that I look at how I could implement the style to different campaigns, she mentioned as campaign they have coming up called wet nose day, play on words of Red Nose Day.  She also suggested having a page in my concept document about algorithms, particularly Facebook. Some further research into these and brand safety/risk in terms of using interactive elements.

My plan from here now is to developed the project further adding in my further research knowledge to help me refine my outcome before Thursday looking at how the different elements could work across the different social media platform (e.g Facebook/Instagram).


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