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Persuasion: Task 3 – Further Research

As mentioned before the feedback I had from Jennifer was to look more into algorithms (e.g Facebook), brand safety and avoiding risk in terms of interactive elements. Also how a brand applies itself to different campaigns this is something that she wanted to see. I conducted this further research to help me understand more.

Social Media Algorithms

All social media accounts have algorithms which means that different people will see your posts differently. Facebook introduced a feature in 2019 to their site which allows you to see why you are seeing a post. In theory they are in place to go through all the post that are being posted every day to the ones that are relevant to you and getting rid of the once’s that might not be so relevant.

Algorithms are all based off engagement, likes, comments and shares are important because the more interaction from a post the more likely it is to be rewarded by the algorithm. Each social media platform will have a different algorithm, but these basics of engagement will boost posts being shown.

As Jennifer had been intrigued by how my concept would work on Facebook, I looked into this more through my research. Facebook’s algorithm is based around what you most likely to see depending on how you rank in certain categories such as; post type (e.g. video or photo), who interact with most and popularity of posts. Therefore, the most you start conversations between your audience the more engagement a post gets the better the Facebook algorithm will work for the Facebook page.

Like Instagram, Facebook has recently introduced stories to their platforms. According to sprout social, Facebook stories have over 300 million active users a day. Although they aren’t currently as popular as Instagram stories, I still think that this is an avenue to be explored and would be worthwhile to consider.

Brand Safety Interactive Element

Brand Safety according to IAB Internet Advertising Bureau is keeping a brand reputation safe when advertising online. Using interactive elements on social media such as Instagram templates which followers can screenshot and share is always going to have an element of risk about what they say. In order for you to see the content your audience is sharing, the individual would need to tag your account within their post/story.

Through this tag you are able to read and re-post any stories or post, this way you are able to see what’s being posted about the brand. Although you can see the post you aren’t able to control it, the only way to get rid of negative branding is through reporting the post, which could take some time as it has to be approved by the team at Instagram.

Meanwhile, managing what users post to/on your social media pages is slightly easier. There is of course a small risk but as the owner of the page you have the power to remove any of this content that it posted to/on your page.

There is always an element of risk when it comes to using social media, even more so with the interactive elements that will spark a conversation amongst your community. However, those people who want to participate in your conversation through engaging with ‘screenshot and share’ aspects of the brand, will only take the time to do so if they are genuinely interested in the brand


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