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Persuasion Project: Feedback & Development

On Monday I received feedback from Jay about the Persuasion Project I did this term. I have really enjoyed this project, It was one of my favourite projects that have done throughout levels 4 & 5.

The feedback from Jay was as followed:

General: Very good effort and engagement at a very challenging time. I’m impressed with how your team adapted so quickly to working remotely and communicating via Teams and maintaining excellent communication with your client. You’ve done a great job at interpreting what was in effect quite a restrictive brief in terms of traditional Graphic Communication with the client keeping the name, logo and colours already being used with its focus firmly on social media and video intro’s / outro’s etc! 

WordPress Blog, R&D pdf, Outcomes pdf: The combination of your Blog posts and R&D pdf are extremely thorough, detailed, up to date and reflective and include evidence of workshops, seminars, studio practice and research etc. Very well organised R&D / outcomes pdf’s that reflected client’s needs extremely well. I was impressed with the appropriateness of the results, particularly the way you’ve demonstrated its flexibility in terms of cross platform across various social media. 

Great work! A valuable addition to your folio and skillset.

Overall I was pleased with the feedback from Jay especially the comments about the organisation of my R&D file which is new to me this year. When I first had to make an R&D file I wasn’t sure what to include however, this feedback has given me the confidence that I have been including everything that I should have been. I was also really pleased with the recognition of the approach of showing how the concept could work across different platforms.

We also had some initial feedback from the client, Jennifer, about the work that we had produced. In her initial email back she said that she was blown away by the standard of work we had produced. She thought mine and Ellie’s work was really good, and that we had really understood the brand values. This was super positive to hear from Jennifer, it gave me a further boost of confidence.

Over the Easter break Jennifer got in contact with both myself and Ellie asking if we would like to do some social media work experience for them. We were both keen to work with Jennifer some more and pleased that she thought our work was that good that she wanted to use it in real life for her brand. Since then we have had several Skype meeting with Jennifer to discuss content for the social media. We have also had calls over Zoom where we met Hannah who also’s working with FourMutts helping with marketing  and business pitching.

Ellie and myself worked together to create a collaborative concept of the social media content for FourMuttsTV. We worked together to create professional concept documents, for each new idea that Jennifer asked us to visualise. One of the first concept documents that we worked on was creating schedules for the social media and some example content of posts. Jennifer seemed really pleased with the work as she had only asked for the first weeks schedule but me and Ellie felt it was best to produce 4 weeks in advance so we weren’t overwhelmed with content.

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We have also been asked to produce some visuals  for a pitch they are working on for Twinings Tea. This was really interesting to work on creating visuals for their content ideas. Again really useful experience working with a client on a project. We were working with tight deadlines, but I feel that myself and Ellie managed this well. Our experience from field (work experience) helped us to understand  how to work within tight deadlines.  I am excited to keep working with Ellie and Jennifer on the social media.



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