Portfolio & Website – Portfolio Ideation/ Development.

As I created a portfolio last year I had a rough idea about the layouts that I could use and which one work well. However, last years portfolio wasn’t an interactive PDF so this year I was going to need to think about create a contents or home page for the PDF. As an initial starting point I thought that I would look at the example that was on Moodle.I thought that the example had a nice layout and they navigation points worked really well. This gave me some inspiration for the layout which I start to sketch out in my sketchbook.

The document would be landscape as this is the best way in order to display my work. I set up the documents to have margins of 16mm, a 12 column grid systems with a guttering of 4mm. I used multiples of 4 to ensure that my ratios were even and correct. I also added guides to my document (12 rows with 4mm guttering) to help me with image placement and type. With the document set up it was no time to start putting the projects into the portfolio.

I kept the same layouts really with the type being placed to the left hand side and the imagery being placed on the right hand side. This varied throughout as some pages had only images some had both type and image. I have tried to make the pace different throughout in order to keep the audiences attention when looking through my work. I have also included my identity marque in the bottom right hand corner of each page to keep it consistent.

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As this is an interactive portfolio though it meant that there was going to have to be some way of navigating through the pages and back to the home page. For this initial first draft I thought that it was best to keep it simple and use icons and buttons to navigate the space. I draw up some initial ideas in illustrator before adding them into the portfolio, and using the buttons tab to get them to navigate through the pages.

At the moment there are four main projects which I have included within the portfolio. Branding, Penguin, Persuasion and Graphic Novel. However, there would be the possibility to be able to add more projects to the portfolio such as the group project we did for student voice. There is still a lot of work to be done on the portfolio but at the moment I have tried to keep it clean and simple.

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