Portfolio & Website: Website Research

Previously I had made a website as part of my A levels, this was in order to showcase my work when I was applying for university. However, looking back over it now I know that I can produce something to a higher standard and showcase my work better. My last website was made using WIX which was really easy to use and you were able to drop in visuals quickly.  However, I knew that there were other website builders out there which I felt I should explore before deciding.

I looked at Wix, Adobe Portfolio and WordPress when considering which platform was going to be best for building my website on. Even though I had experience using both Wix and WordPress I felt that there were certain limitations with them. I wanted to be able to used the typeface I had chosen for my logo Abril Fatface, however on both these platforms you aren’t able to add typefaces. Whereas Adobe Portfolio I was able to add the typeface as I have the full adobe creative cloud suite. I haven’t used adobe portfolio before but from looking into it more it seemed similar to both the other platforms. It uses a template which you can them manipulate to fit the look and style you are looking for. Overall I felt that it was better to use Adobe Platform in order to build the website.

Research Layout

Before starting to create the website I thought that it was important to look at some website for inspiration before hand. I decided to look at a few different studios to see how they have laid out their work and presented it. I looked the the following studios:

  • Moving Brands
  • Dn&co
  • Kellenberger – White
  • Spin
  • North Design

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After looking at all these websites I noticed that majority of them used images on their home pages which then linked you to pages about the projects. I had used a similar layout on my previous website, but seeing that these design studios were also using a similar layout this made me think more about using this style. There were some studios that used large images which spread across the screen to showcase the projects. For me I personally preferred the look of the images smaller in columns on the home page.

In terms of how they layout the work on the individual pages all of these websites seemed to have smaller amount of type letting the imagery speak for itself. This is something that I should bear in mind when setting up the pages to show the audience more about each project. Also, they weren’t cluttered with a lot of images they all had a balance between image and type.

Moving Brands (2020) Available at: https://www.movingbrands.com  (Accessed: 19 May 2020)
dn&co (2020) Available at: https://dnco.com (Accessed: 19 May 2020)
Kellenberger – White (2020) Available at: https://kellenberger-white.com (Accessed: 19 May 2020)
Spin (2020) Available at: https://spin.co.uk (Accessed: 19 May 2020)
North Design (2020) Available at: https://www.northdesign.co.uk (Accessed: 19 May 2020)

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