Portfolio & Website – Development


I have been developing both my interactive portfolio and website over the past couple of days. With the portfolio I also included the client work that I had done with Ellie and the 48hr project we did in groups at the beginning of term. The most recent development that have done is changing the navigation tools. I changed the navigation icons to words making these the buttons rather than the icons. When looking over the icons I didn’t feel that they were matching the style of the rest of the portfolio that I had made.

I continued to used my portfolio from last year as a guide for layout, last year for each project I include which software I had used to within it. I thought that this would useful within this project, so I have included it within the type. I would also like to include more images that fill the whole page as these were key within my last portfolio showcasing the work without type around it. I have also developed a contacts page, which has my email and other contact information so that clients can see more or my work or get in touch.

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In terms of the website I have been developing in Adobe Portfolio. Using one of the templates provided I was able to manipulate it so that it started to give me the look and style I am after. The homepage has my marque in the centre at the top with the navigation to the left hand side while there are links to my WordPress and Instagram on the other. I have used thumbnails of the projects for people to click on to view more about the project. I have kept it consistent with the style of my portfolio.

Different projects have laid out differently in terms of the content being shown. For example in the identically different sections there is more content being shown than in the penguin project. This is mainly down to the types of projects being shown and how much work was produced for them dependant on the brief.

I have also included a contact page and an about me page where anybody viewing the page can go to see more about me or get in contact with me if they need too. These pages aren’t yet developed completely but this is the next challenge for the website. I also think that the next stage of this is purchasing a custom domaine name for the website. This will allow me to be more professional.

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