Portfolio & Website – On Display Developments

As part of the final submission we are asked to submit 3 research and development (R&D) PDF’S, which have been developed based on the formative feedback we have received. I had a few developments to do on the branding project we did this year.

Marque Development

One piece of feedback I had was about the development of the marque for the project. In my R&D file I hadn’t shown my full process of getting to the stage of the final marque, which meant that they thought that I had quickly settled on the first idea which is something we had discussed during tutorials. In order to ensure that they could see my development I decided to include more of the rough workings and sketching in order to show that the marque had developed much more than they first might have thought.

Marque Ideation 2

Promotional Installation

I also had feedback on the development of all the outcomes, they could have been developed further. One outcome in particular that I wanted to showcase better was the promotional installation. Originally I had used Adobe Dimensions to showcase how the idea would look, but it didn’t convey the idea as well as I hoped. As I had previously made cardboard models as part of my A Levels I thought that this would be a good way to showcase what I imagined. I created the exhibition space out of the cardboard and then photographed it to highlight how it would look. I thought that overall this was a better way of showcasing the idea. Through the model I was also able to showcase how the mirrored lines on the floor would act as way finding paths to help those visiting the exhibition navigate around the space.

However, upon reflection, I did some more ideation around the promotional installation. I had the idea that instead of having the screen on the floor why not have smaller billboards which people look into which puts them into the uniform. It would be like having free standing mirrors at the entrances to the exhibition. I did some research into the virtual artists that Sephora use within their stores. They have these screens in stores which allow you to see what you’d look like wearing different products of theirs. This similar to what I am proposing the promotional installation would be. Another campaign I came across was the Share a Smile Campaign by Grand Visual. They used facial recognition technology to get people to smile at the screen if they smiled it would dispense a can of coke. I hadn’t heard about this type of campaign before and it’s something different a good way to get people to interact with the product. Furthermore there have been other campaigns out there which have used AR technology to get people to interact with the brand. O2 goslings campaign used AR technology to place ducklings on the screen when people were near then and asked them to take the a selfie and share with the world. This shows how effective this type of technology is in getting interaction. I could see this type of technology working really well within the the context of my exhibition space.

I wanted to show how this could work in more detail, by creating a prototype of what the AR technology might look like. In order to showcase this idea I used Lens Studio which is a piece of software which allows you to create snapchat lenses. This is just a very basic idea behind it, it would be better put together if the exhibition were to be live. I used a cap which I already had at home to photograph it before taking into photoshop and creating a PNG file to import into the software. Using a face sprite I was able to position the cap as a 2D object onto the face. I haven’t used Lens Studio before which meant that I only had the basic understanding of the software, with more time I could create more complex outcomes. I think it’s a useful piece of software to know about because you never know when you might need to come up with something that involves mockup up AR technology.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 13.49.26

Once I had created the lens I was able to record somebody walking up to the camera like they would to the screen on the street. Due to the current climate I wasn’t able to attend the haze to film this clip, however, I was able to film it to show the basic principle of how it would work. Using a Digital mockup I was able to show how it would look in-situ.

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 15.21.00

Animated Marque

Another piece of feedback that I had on the project was about the animated marque. Aesthetically the url that I had used as a touchpoint was too longer and seemed out of place when everything else was contained within this square shape. This was a smaller development to the project as I was able to go into the original file and edit this easily.

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 15.52.08


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Grand Visual (2020) Share a Smile. Available at: https://grandvisual.com/work/coke-share-a-smile/(Accessed: 21 May 2020)

Grand Visual (2020). Advancements in Augmented Reality Technology: What to Expect for 2020. Available at: https://grandvisual.com/ar-technology-2020/ (Accessed: 21 May 2020)

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