Portfolio & Website – Tutorial Feedback

Today I had a teams call with Jay and my group where we looked at the progress we had been making. It was only myself & Ellie who joined the tutorial with Jay so we were able to talk about our work in more depth. Overall the portfolio feedback seemed really positive with Jay saying it was consistent in terms of the style, and the choice of typeface worked well and stands out. He also said that the variety of projects made the portfolio different, the pace changed with each project which is positive to hear. Both Jay and Ellie liked the style of the big heading used on the contents page and the contact page.

Obviously theres still room for improvement with the portfolio. The image used for the penguin project needs to be moved slightly as at the moment the image of the book is too close to the text. Might be worth add a few more larger scale images into the pages just to change the pace in each section of the portfolio. The rest of the feedback was just about refining the work in there now, the navigation and layout works really well. This was useful feedback as it gives me something to work more towards.

I also showed my website during the tutorial and feedback was relatively the same. The layout worked and was consistent with the portfolio style. It just needs to be refined in terms of content, getting the about me section up to date as well. Ellie also mentioned about a custom domain name and whether this is something extra I would have to pay for with Adobe. I didn’t think about this so this is something that I need to think about in more depth.

Next Thursday is timetable to be the final review of the work before hand in. Jay has encouraged us to work towards being able to show all the work on that Thursday as a review. This gives me some sort of deadline to be aiming for in getting the refinements complete.



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