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Another deliverable we have been asked to create is a CV. I think that it’s important to have one of these as it helps with getting internships or work placement while studying. Creating one now will also help next year when it comes to getting stuff together. I have created CV’s before for when I have been getting part time work however, I haven’t created a design based one before.

I decided that by looking at some examples of CV’s would help me to see what should be included and what design elements are similar. We’d be provided with two examples on moodle, these were done by previous students. The both held similar information on them, starting of with who they are, writing about what they like, where they are from. This is an important element to have because it will let the person reading the CV to know more about you as a person. Both of the examples also talked about their education, experience, skills, and contacts, these were the basic contents of the cv that I was expecting to see.

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 11.42.35Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 11.42.52

In terms of the aesthetics of these two examples they were very different. One include a picture of the individual on, while the other simply used their branding. I think both approaches are good, the idea of using a picture allows the reader to put a face to the name. Whereas the branding shows an element of who you are without the picture, and shows your skill in branding. (Especially good for applying for a junior design position). Personally I think I would prefer to use my branding on the CV over a photograph.

There is a clear layout in the CV designs using subheading for each section to make it easy to read. I like that these are often in an accent colour to make them stand out. There is a clear hierarchy system in both of these designs, with the main heading being the name of the person. I will need to ensure that my name is clear and bold much like my branding. Also, both example have been designed on a landscape template. I think this has been done so that anybody who opens the CV up on a computer or laptop is able to read it easily. This is something that I need to remember when designing my CV. Furthermore, both of these CV designs include a small detail in the corner of the page. I think that this is a nice addition to the design, on my portfolio I have used my marque in the bottom right hand corner so this is something that I could utilise in my CV as well.


  • Poppy Reay. (date unknown). Designed CV. [Accessed: 22 May 2020].
  • Tom Temple. (date unknown). Designed CV. [Accessed: 22 May 2020]

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