Portfolio & Website – CV Design & Tutorial

After researching into CV design I decided to play around with a few designs in InDesign. I used a 12 column grid system with 10pt baseline grid as I knew there was going to be a lot type on this document so it was important to use a baseline grid to have all the line in line with each other. I started to introduce this coral colour into my scheme as an accent colour. I used this on the headings to make each section clear to read. The main sections I have are; About me, skills, employment, experiences, education, references and contact me. I completed a few different variations including using a bar of colour down the left hand side and top. I wanted to experiment with different layouts to allow me to grab the best elements of each and bring them into the one.

I had an individual tutorial with Jay where I was able to get his opinion on the CV Design in particular. When we spoke Jay felt that the two designs with the bars of colours seems too out there in comparison to the layout of my portfolio and website. I haven’t yet incorporated the coral into my portfolio design but Jay felt that a more subtle approach would suit my style and layout better. He also felt that at the moment the CV, Portfolio and Website weren’t working together they seemed to be quite separate when they needed to be linked in some way.

This tutorial was really useful as it helped me to see they where my work wasn’t working together. I wasn’t able to see this before but after jay mentioned it to me I started to see that the elements worked alone but not together as one piece. I was also able to speak to jay about writing the speculative email as I had a query regarding how they wanted this presented.

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