Portfolio & Website – Development & Final Review

The main parts of development now were the content of the portfolio & website. I wanted to ensure that there was a change of pace within the portfolio in order to keep the viewer engaged with the content. To adapt to this, I added some images which covered the full page to break up the smaller images. As Jay mentioned that he felt the portfolio and cv didn’t link, I decided to change the colour and typeface of the headings so that there is a more subtle link between the two. I also have made this a feature on my website with the heading there also being Abril Fatface and in the coral accent colour.

By making these few subtle changes to the portfolio and website have helped create the link between them and my CV. It also meant that I had a language which I could use across the different platforms. Furthermore, for the contacts page I added some icons to in the coral colour so that they were clear to the audience which contact detail was which. I thought this was a nice addition to the portfolio, and again it linked back to the website were the social media icons are also in the coral colour

Final Review

In the tutorials this week it was timetabled as the final review before hand in, I had everything ready to show as I wanted to get clear and constructive feedback on the work. Overall the feedback was positive, and all the feedback Jay had given me on Tuesday had been worked on. He did suggest that I maybe see if I can add the coral colour to the dot in my marque to see if the link could be made there. This is something that I can try as I think that it would be a nice addition to add to the marque if I can. He also mentioned that one or two of the larger images I had added in weren’t working as well, they were too dark.

Furthermore, we also talked about me adding in some of the work I had done on my work placement in January. I wasn’t sure whether to include this initially as it was just concept work. However, Jay said it was still important to include as its work experience a mini project even if it hasn’t been used in production. We also talked about combining the voluntary work and the persuasion project work together. As they are both the same client and it would allow the viewer to see the progress and connection between the two projects. It was also mentioned that I look into a custom domain name for my website as this would be better for professional practice. This is something that I am going to look into and include in my developments.


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