Portfolio & Website – Portfolio Design Progress


After receiving the feedback from the group tutorials and sharing the work with Meg and getting 1 to 1 feedback from her, I knew there were still elements of my portfolio which needed adapting. One of the suggestions I had was to place the voluntary work I had done for FourMutts in the same section as the persuasion project as it would show progression. As the voluntary work was focused around managing their social media, I also added the social media handles to this page.


Furthermore, during the final review I asked Jay whether it would be appropriate for me to include a piece of concept work which I completed during my work placement. He said that it was perfectly fine to include, even though it might not be in production and it was only a concept many designers include work like this. I added this piece of concept work to my portfolio, as I felt that it was a high-quality concept design and would add more variety to my portfolio.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.12.38Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.12.54

As Jay mentioned to me previously about adding the coral colour into the portfolio, I have done this via the subheadings. This creates a link between the portfolio, website and CV. It was also suggested that I try adding the coral into the marque. I didn’t want the coral to be overpowering however, I thought that by adding it to the dot would be a subtle yet clear link between the marque and the coral colour scheme. I also tried adding it to the dot of the ‘I’ in my first name. However, after much consideration I felt that it didn’t look right as I would have to added it to the 2 I’s within my surname as well.

I also added a more information heading where people would be able to see more about the project. It links to my website page where they can see more images as well as video content that I might have created for the project. I thought it was better to add one clear link where people could find everything than have a lot of different links throughout the portfolio.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.17.55

For the contact page I thought that it would be interesting to see what it would be link to add the icons for the social media/email in the coral colour. I wanted to try and create some more links between the website and portfolio. The social media links on the website are coral colour which is why I thought that it would a good link. Also, I made the links quite large as I wanted them to be clear but also, they act as the imagery on the page as well.

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.18.17

I still wasn’t happy with the navigation element of my portfolio. I felt even though the use of words made it clear to people how to navigate, it didn’t have the look or feel to the portfolio that I wanted. Originally, I had used icons for the navigation buttons, so I thought back to these. However, instead of using a home as an icon I thought using my marque would be better. I then used two arrows which weren’t as bold in design to allow the used to navigate through the portfolio. The arrows are simply to lines with a curve head of the arrow to try and match the softness of the typeface. Overall, I thought that this was better to show the user how to navigate while fitting in with the style of my portfolio.

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