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Voluntary Work: Four Mutts TV

Since the start of April, Ellie and I have been working with Four Mutts TV (our client from the persuasion project). We have been maintaining their social media platforms, creating and posting content. We meet with Jennifer the owner on a weekly basis to plan the posting schedule for the next week, which helps us to maintain and manage the content.

By working voluntarily with Four Mutts TV I feel that it helped me to manage my time better, especially while still working on university projects at the same time. It also helps give me a sense of how I can manage any future projects I might have while completing uni work. This work has also brought me much closer to Ellie and helped us to develop a working relationship that very strong and works well. I look forward to continuing to work with Ellie on the project over the summer.

Below are links to Four Mutts TV social media platforms to see some of our recent work.


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